Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mad Dawg Jam + Bike Park updates

My buddy Luke injured his back by over rotating a flip earlier this week at my jumps. 3 compressed vertebrae= another 6 weeks of no biking, back injuries are scary stuff too! You can check out the facebook event:

The jam will be held at the new bike park we are currently building. The society has done a great job to raise money to pay Kyle Michell to build it. He's hired me to help him and we are basically aloud to build whatever we want! If anyone has seen Kyle's bmx trails you know how amazing of a builder he is. The big lines will be dialled and only a couple weeks old for the jam! There's going to be a dual slalom and lots of smaller stuff to have fun on as well. Photos of the park's progress will be up in the next week or so.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monster Jam!

There is nothing like an awesome mid week session. Today we shredded a new stepdown to stepup line here in vic and it was good times, everyone was doing new stuff and it was a monster jam!
Kona jon was killing it hard and getting nice supermans and tables.
Luke styled out his 3s with some nice scoops in them, and his tucks were looking awesome
I'm getting my 3- xups feeling flatter and more dumped everyday, and was finally able to catch pedals almost everytime on tailwhips.
The DNSM crew are style cats for sure, and Dain and Wink kept it real!
Thomas flipped and got rad!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fresh Air Jam!

Jordie Lunn put on his annual jump jam this past weekend, but this year it was in Victoria BC instead of Parksville.
A few of us helped get the course finsihed in time, and it turned out great! It was a super fun event. A big thanks to Jordie's mom and Dave for all the great food, Tyler Morland for keeping things very organized (he did a great job!), Taylor Sage for coming all the way from LA to film, and he told some funny stories, and of course a big thanks to Jordie for making it all happen, such a fun weekend!
Semenuk Won, Suprised? That kid wins everything lately he's unreal to ride with and watch, way to go B!

Here's a shot of me tailwhipping the first jump out of the last ladder on the course:

Photo by Ian Hylands