Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Is here!

Wow haven't posted in this blog for way too long. Time for a quick recap...

Let's see I went to crankworx to party and ride for a week straight,
Finished up my internship program this summer,
Moved to North Vancouver to live with my homies Eric (cove bikes) and Jordie (jamis bicycles),
We got kicked out after I was living there for one week due to a sewage problem,
Found a new house to live in that's a million times better,
Took a few last trips to Whistler before the bike park closed.

I have been busy with work,digging, and riding in Vancouver for the past month.
Aaron Larock's film "What's Next?" is now online! Watch it for free on

Here's my segment, I;m pretty stoked with out it turned out considering the limited time frame we had to film in.

That is all for now! M.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Bull Shoot in Kelowna

This past weekend was one of the best of the summer so far. Thanks to NSMB and Silverstar in Vernon, airprentice went off this year! My friend Andrew Sherry won a spot on the team, congrats dude!

After amazing weekend at Silverstar, I headed down to Kelowna to meet up with my friends Dustin Greenhall and Casey Groves. We met up with Dirty Dave Jones from Red Bull to do a shoot with the Sugga.


This plan that we would get towed into a jump with the Sugga truck and shoot it cooked up a few weeks ago during the Goatstyle Jam.

Step 1. Build a dailed ramp! We call it "the dark secret"

Constructing the jump

Step 2. Paint it and bring it to some jumps!

The Dark Secret

Step 3. Ride it and take pictures!

Mark 360

Casey unturndown 3

Dustin super whip

Shooting during golden hour makes Kelowna look like it's still on fire, and it felt like it with weather in the high 30s still. Luckily all the fires and now contained. I can't wait to do more shoots with Red Bull, it was a fun way to spend a few hot days in Kelowna. Thanks Dave!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New bike!

Thank you Banshee, Trident, Straitline, Raceface, and Marty's Mountain Cycle in Victoria for all the help!

SO far this bike is great, I can't wait to shred whistler and other various mtns around BC on it this summer. I just got home from Goatstyle, my wrist is still bugging me so I kept my runs mellow and didn't make the finals, but filming this past week has been great. I just got home from the Kootneys with my buddy Dustin. We were filming for Aaron Larock's film "What's Next?"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

things to do this summer...

1. film with aaron larock more
2. goatstyle
3. get dh bike and whistler passs
3. finish filming with aaron
4. airprentice
5. crankworx colorado perhapss?
6. party at crankworx!
7. host straitline event in vic end of august
8. move to van
9. finish internship at straitline!
10. make more listz to keep productivity up,!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What's Next?- The Trailer is here!

Aaron LaRocque has spent the past 6+ months working on his first full length film "What's Next?" He has just released the trailer for it, which can be seen here on vimeo:

What's Next? Trailer from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

It's going to be great! It's filled with Dh, freeride, dirt jumping, and street riding so there will be a little something for everyone!
Rider List:
Alan Hepburn,Andrew Sherry, Brendan Howey, Casey Groves, Dustin Greenall, Dylan Dunkerton, Dylan Sherrard, Eric Lawrenuk, Frankie Vass, Jarrett Moore, Logan Peat, Luke Fulton, Mark Matthews, Matt Brooks, Strahan Loken, Taylor Leigh and Wink Grant.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who's helped the riders of the film and Aaron along the way so far: GEAX Tires, RaceFace Components, Lavan Apparel, Banshee Bikes and Check out the Pinkbike article for more info.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mad Dawg Jam + Bike Park updates

My buddy Luke injured his back by over rotating a flip earlier this week at my jumps. 3 compressed vertebrae= another 6 weeks of no biking, back injuries are scary stuff too! You can check out the facebook event:

The jam will be held at the new bike park we are currently building. The society has done a great job to raise money to pay Kyle Michell to build it. He's hired me to help him and we are basically aloud to build whatever we want! If anyone has seen Kyle's bmx trails you know how amazing of a builder he is. The big lines will be dialled and only a couple weeks old for the jam! There's going to be a dual slalom and lots of smaller stuff to have fun on as well. Photos of the park's progress will be up in the next week or so.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monster Jam!

There is nothing like an awesome mid week session. Today we shredded a new stepdown to stepup line here in vic and it was good times, everyone was doing new stuff and it was a monster jam!
Kona jon was killing it hard and getting nice supermans and tables.
Luke styled out his 3s with some nice scoops in them, and his tucks were looking awesome
I'm getting my 3- xups feeling flatter and more dumped everyday, and was finally able to catch pedals almost everytime on tailwhips.
The DNSM crew are style cats for sure, and Dain and Wink kept it real!
Thomas flipped and got rad!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fresh Air Jam!

Jordie Lunn put on his annual jump jam this past weekend, but this year it was in Victoria BC instead of Parksville.
A few of us helped get the course finsihed in time, and it turned out great! It was a super fun event. A big thanks to Jordie's mom and Dave for all the great food, Tyler Morland for keeping things very organized (he did a great job!), Taylor Sage for coming all the way from LA to film, and he told some funny stories, and of course a big thanks to Jordie for making it all happen, such a fun weekend!
Semenuk Won, Suprised? That kid wins everything lately he's unreal to ride with and watch, way to go B!

Here's a shot of me tailwhipping the first jump out of the last ladder on the course:

Photo by Ian Hylands

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Erik Elstran

Erik Elstran shreds, and some has some super funny/original lines.
This section made me laugh check it out (wait for the part at 3 mins):

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Healing Vibes to Keith at Banshee!

I just came across this on the Banshee blog, it looks like Keith has undergone some scary emergency surgery! He's the man behind designing the new banshee's and an awesome dude, also known as builttoride on a few mtb forums. I hope you have a speedy recovery keith!

Link Here

PY Pedal

Video Footage from last week, edit by progressive youth productions:

PYPedal from Progressive Youth Productions on Vimeo.

Featuring Eric Lawrenuk, Brendan Howey, Graham Agassiz and Mark Matthews

Sunday, March 22, 2009

photos from the weekend

This weekend my friends brendan howey,graham agassiz (injured but still killing it), eric lawrenuk, and everyone awesome from the sunshine coast showed up in victoria to go biking! it was a super fun weekend and everyone is here for a couple more days still. Here's a few Shots from around town. Some leftover pics by Geoff G:
Mark flatspin

Eric tailwhip

Mark transfering

Mark downside tailwhip

Graham Bermslider!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

perfect jumps

chase hawk has the best style I know, and check out the 360 at 4:14, huge!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lately I've had a lot of gnar on the plate with 6 courses and my program at Camosun wrapping up within the next 6 weeks or so. Between studying I've been squeezing in time to dig and ride at my jumps. Over reading break Jon and I headed up to parksville to shred with our buddy Dustin Greenall. The sandpits there are super fun right now! Here's some shots at my jumps from the past few days:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

new mixtape and some rad photography you should check out

My buddy David Lang has returned from Singapore and is back in BC! and his site has some updates! check out some of the wallpapers he has available for download, the above shot is amazing and was taken at a local spot here.

And here's a mixtape I did live in ableton at 2am last night, this is what happens when you don't study:
If you save it to your computer the track list is pasted under "lyrics".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New frame!

Last week I spent a couple days snowboarding at Mt Washington, and Saturday I came home to a shiny new Banshee amp frame, so the first thing I did was build it up! I haven't rode an aluminum hardtail in ages so the feel of the bike took abit of getting used to... the frame is also tiny so spinning is really easy. Can't wait for exam week to be over so I can ride this thing some more!
Here's a few more riding photos from today by Alex Webb:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

fresh jumps and warm weather!

I finished a line I've been working on for almost 2 months now, and today the weather was great so riding was necessary! Luckily the weather has been warm and pretty sunny the last few days. Wink took a few shots today, and I got a chance to work on my spins... playing around with flat spins and dumped 3s. Jarrett was killing it with 3 tables, and flipwhip attempts, shrew got steezy and did gnarly 3s! It was a good day, I cant wait for a bigger session tomorrow!
Oh and I'm expecting my new hardtail frame any day now, I'm amped for the new Banshee!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Camera dolly test footage!

Sunday was a good day of riding, it was quite chilly but there were sunny skies! Aaron LaRocque showed up with a camera dolly,  made for him by our friend Strahan Loken. The results turned out sick! I can't wait for to film with him some more and get some super sweet shots with this thing.  Here's some test footage from Sunday. Riders include myself, scott grant, jarrett moore, and curtis robinson. Click on "watch in HD" on the bottom right of the video for good quality.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Back home on the island + new music

So I've been home for a few days now, and I'm still not used to the colder weather yet. We spent the last few days doing lots of riding around Santa Cruz/Aptos, and hit up just about every local spot. We didn't do much filming or photo-taking those days, but Aaron Chase had his go pro helmet camera on all the time and he said footage will be up on decline sometime soon!
We spent our last day at the Scott's Valley step-up trying to dial in some tricks. Footage from Wyper's camera is to come!

I quickly but together a mixtape, it's a mix of indie rock, electro, and disco:

empire of the sun- we are the people (ted and francis remix)
sneaky sound system- when we were young (breakbot remix)
studio- no comply
weird tapes- tv romance
giogio moronder- chase
ladyhawke- back of the van (kid cola remix)
wow- icy cold (bumblebeez remix)
just a band (the shoes remix)
faux pas- chasing waterfalls
coconut records- mircophone

The faux pas EP is free for download off his site here
PS. My good friend Curtis Robinson is here from the sunshine coast for the weekend, riding pics to come in a few days!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riding around Santa Cruz

The last 2 days we have been riding at Cob's house in scotts valley. The weather has been very warm, so in the morning we have been going to the post office and then heading over to cobs. Brandon kills it there and he doesn't even have to try. Everything about that kid's riding is super dialled, he's really fun to watch. Locals like a-rev are always getting steezy. Me on the hip. The jumps are in the shade so you don't get way too hot. Here's mellow vid of us flowing the jumps:

Mitch also did an update for Nsmb, check out the team blog
Other nsmb team riders; Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson are in california too, the past 2 days we have rode together and it's been super fun. Tagging along with them is one of my favourite people, Brendan Howey! Their updates can be found on the same team blog. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

In Cali

After 20 hours of driving, 1 stop at wal-mart, and 4 stops at Denny's, we made it to Aptos at 7am on wednesday. Mitch is a champ and drove the whole way down. We got lots of Denny's dollars to cover our expenses at America's family restaurant, thank you! When we rolled into aptos the first thing we did was check out the post office trails. a-rev, r-dog and goldman have been digging in full force lately, and you can tell! The place looks unreal. We gave t mac a visit, but he was off to woodward for a couple days. We knew it was time to hit the beach and unpack our bikes.
Yesterday we rode the post office for a couple hours, Mitch threw some casual supermans, I kept it steezy, and wyper got a little too gnar with the ground a few times. Later on after dark we helped work on this sick indoor spot in santa cruz. Some locals bmxers shredded in there, wyper had some nice airs too. 
Today howey, curtis, stubs, and kylej are coming down to visit for a few days, I'm sooo stoked to shred with everyone! 
More photos to come after the weekend.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's digging season

The snow is finally starting to melt away. It's been 2 weeks or more of too much snow and cold weather to dig or ride! Today James and I dug for an hour or so then we gave up haha. The unfinished line looked like a lake so we worked on digging out a landing for the stepdown, but we didn't make much progress yet. I've also been working on my pumptrack since the snow has started to disappear, and its a muddy mess.  On tuesday I head down to cali with Mitch Chubey and Justin Wyper, I cant wait to leave this weather!

First post!

I just made this blog and need something to post, so here's a photo from the summer:

Photo courtesy of Mike Zinger
Check out his site!