Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Is here!

Wow haven't posted in this blog for way too long. Time for a quick recap...

Let's see I went to crankworx to party and ride for a week straight,
Finished up my internship program this summer,
Moved to North Vancouver to live with my homies Eric (cove bikes) and Jordie (jamis bicycles),
We got kicked out after I was living there for one week due to a sewage problem,
Found a new house to live in that's a million times better,
Took a few last trips to Whistler before the bike park closed.

I have been busy with work,digging, and riding in Vancouver for the past month.
Aaron Larock's film "What's Next?" is now online! Watch it for free on

Here's my segment, I;m pretty stoked with out it turned out considering the limited time frame we had to film in.

That is all for now! M.


  1. Hey Mark, this kills but the video is too big for this blog. It doesn't all show up.

  2. I know I cant figure this blog out... fml