Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Is here!

Wow haven't posted in this blog for way too long. Time for a quick recap...

Let's see I went to crankworx to party and ride for a week straight,
Finished up my internship program this summer,
Moved to North Vancouver to live with my homies Eric (cove bikes) and Jordie (jamis bicycles),
We got kicked out after I was living there for one week due to a sewage problem,
Found a new house to live in that's a million times better,
Took a few last trips to Whistler before the bike park closed.

I have been busy with work,digging, and riding in Vancouver for the past month.
Aaron Larock's film "What's Next?" is now online! Watch it for free on

Here's my segment, I;m pretty stoked with out it turned out considering the limited time frame we had to film in.

That is all for now! M.